Fine Authentic Watches as Movado, Tag Heuer, Gucci, Michael Kors, Armani, Tissot at huge discounts

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LuxurySwissWatches is celebrating 10 years offering high quality timepieces to the public. Our people came to starting our company knowing that the public wanted many popular watches but with the stores only selling at full retail prices, there was a huge market out there for a better outlet for this product.

LuxurySwiss started with only a few models and found a huge success in a very short time. We carefully pick and choose the products we sell but insure those products are Brand New, Unused and Never Worn.

We offer a fairly large and diverse line up of timepieces starting with the Movado line. You can fine the absolute best prices on models like the Movado Amoroso, Museum, Juro, Esperanza, Luno as well as the Movado Kara. We have a full assortment in Men’s and Ladies models. For those that are looking for a beautiful Sporty type watch but want it elegant, Movado is for you with their extremely good looks and very thin cases.

We also have a full line of Gucci Men’s and Ladies watches varying form the G-Gucci models to the very popular Gucci Twirl models. We have these in many colors and sizes. This unique model as one of the most popular Ladies models Gucci ever released. For Men (and ladies as well) the I-Gucci is an amazing watch offering an all digital face with Chronograph and Alarms and comes in countless color and band combinations. It has definitely been a big “Cross-over” to the general public from Gucci providing an amazingly functional watch for Men and Ladies. Not to leave out the ever popular Gucci Tornabuoni Ladies watch, this has probably become one of our biggest sellers for the Gucci line and has a huge assortment of colors and designs.

In the last year or 2, we added the Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana lines to our store and the results have been nothing shy of amazing! People (both Men and Ladies) flood the web store to get these models, they both have a Huge selection for just about any taste you can find. The prices on these 2 manufacturers is quite reasonable, and with the super low prices of LuxurySwissWatches, you will not do better! Michael Kors really came up with something when they came out with the 40mm Ladies Chronograph. This was one of the best things to happen to ladies watches, they sell like Hotcakes! To mention a few, check out the Michael Kors Runway, Horn, Silver Blair, Gold Blair as well as the Goldtone.

Our biggest sellers for the Dolce Gabbana line have been the D&G Gloria, Ibiza Rock, Prime Time, Cherokee and the Dolce & Gabbana Forever. We don’t want to play the other models down as all of the D&G models have been a big success to us.

Just recently, LuxurySwiss added Marc Jacobs to our roster and the models Marc, Amy, Henry Crystal and of course, the new Pelly are looking to be very exciting sellers for us.

Nixon Watches, which is another new addition for us has taken us by surprise, this will probably be one of the biggest selling watches for years to come! We find the Nixon Player a huge seller, as well as the Platform and Axe. We see a huge potential with the Nixon Gunship as well.

We probably don’t need to say much to impress our buyers of the Tag Heuer watches as these are probably the best overall quality timepieces we at LuxurySwissWatches sell. The Tag Heuer Formula 1, which is a industry standard and is seen worn by just about every age group, Men and Ladies alike with it’s stylish, sporty look as well as it’s more moderate pricing. This model comes in just about every color and strap imaginable and many are available at any time on our site for immediate delivery. Not to forget the very popular and elegant Tag Heuer Aquaracer, Carrera and Link, we find the Tag Heier line in general to be the highest quality of any model we sell, the rate for customer warranty work is by far, the lowest of any model we sell which says all you need to know about the integrity of the Tag Heuer line. We also find that most “Tag” owners are very good at keeping their watches clean and maintained on a fairly regular schedule which really helps the longevity of it’s life after the warranty period expires. Another very popular and diverse line we offer is the Tissot Watch line. This is probably the most diverse as they offer just about every size and shape watch like the Ladies Precious Flower, the 2 Time Zone Heritage for both Men and Ladies, and of course, the Tissot PRC and PRS series watches that have made Tissot the household word it is today.

We cannot forgot the beautiful line of Chronograph watches like the Tissot Quadrato, T-Race and T-Tracx.

Lastly, we must add that Tissot’s models like the T-Touch series, with its “Touch Screen” is probably the most innovative line of watches we sell. With just the slight touch of the Crystal, you can change functions like the start of a Chronograph, check the date or set the time. But then there are functions like check the ambient temperature and even an Altimeter! Nothing short of amazing!

We also offer some incredible prices on Cartier Watches that will amaze you, Guess Watches, Skagen and even some Swatch models. Lastly, check out our newest additions of TW Steel and TX watches, they are both very sporty but elegant timepieces that anyone would be proud to wear.

We guaranty that no products we sell is ever a Replica or Remanufactured watch. Also, you can be absolutely assured our personnel inspect every LuxurySwiss product before it leaves our shelves for delivery to you, our clients. We offer a 2 Year Warranty on every watch we sell against any factory defect. Please note, we cannot be liable for any wear to the case, strap/bracelet or buttons unless they are a factory defect.

We hope this summary helped you in your search for either that special gift for someone or even that special treat you always wanted for yourself. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at or call us at 323.244.4544.

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